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Screenwriting Advice Article!

You are the Box Office Smash: The Personal Screenplay
by Gordy Hoffman

Right this very second, in the heart of every struggling, undiscovered screenwriter, in the dark, hidden corner deep within, there is a voice, a clear whisper, saying one thing:

You're never gonna figure this out.

And this is not referring to the story with its gaping hole, the finale missing a payoff, the hit and miss humor, the flat title.

I'm talking about freedom. The freedom to work as a screenwriter. Compensation for a home for family and a life. The resources to wake up and ply your craft and pay the freight, without obstacle. The chance to see your writing made into pictures, to work with the industry's best, to fulfill this goal of professional screenwriter. Hollywood success.

Behind this voice is the idea that somehow, some way, you'll find the hero, or the hook, logline or pitch that will punch your golden ticket. If you could only figure out what the studio wants, if you can only get a solid bead to this game, you know you can write and execute. What is the script I should write to get an agent? What is the one that will sell? It's not that I don't know how to write, I know how to write screenplays, I just need to know what they want, even though I think I know what they want, but I don't think I have the idea that they want. Yeah.

I'm not gonna figure this out, whispers the voice.

Why this uneasiness? Does it originate within ourselves? I don't think so. But where does it come from? The daily obsession with box office grosses? The news of the seven figure deals to newbies? The endless procession of boneheadedly conceived franchises-in-waiting arriving in the theatres every Friday? People winning Academy Awards for movies you would not be caught dead writing? Recognizing an idea you came up with years ago on your couch, produced with a $130 million budget drowning in CGI?

All these things are but a few of the possible reasons why this seeds unhealthy doubt and confusion in the modern screenwriter. Tracking these forces outside us and beyond our control in an effort to trudge the path to a successful screenwriting career will prove to most to be unproductive and corrosive. Basically, trying to figure out what Hollywood wants will land us in a resentment that makes "giving up" a sane response to the very challenge which used to inspire us. In short, we cannot chase a perceived trend and remember our dreams.

You cannot look at the marketplace and find your voice. You can find ideas, trends, and inspiration there, perhaps, but you can find these things driving in traffic as well. But listening to your voice is the key to creating original, compelling stories.

Your life is your own story. You have a completely unique thread of experience. By allowing yourself to express these emotional experiences, your screenplay, your story, will be different from any other and powerful, as original as your fingerprint.

Why is it powerful? When we have the courage to be specific about what we know about living, we create an authentic world an audience recognizes as the life they are living on planet Earth. This connects your audience to your story. This connection is the foundation of the phenomena of story.

Why does story mean so much to us? We recognize the triumphs and tragedies of our lives, with all the hilarity and tears. By seeing it, we are validated and it underscores meaning and purpose to living.

If we don't use what we've collected in life in our hearts and spirits, then our story loses its authenticity and the connection the audience should make fails. They do not see themselves, and when they leave the theater, they do not call their friends. When people do not call their friends after seeing a movie, the movie bombs.

When a writer opens their person to their work, when they allow themselves to be vulnerable, to risk exposure of the secrets of their life story, they take a huge step towards creating a screenplay of substantial value, a screenplay with a greater potential of a large number of tickets sold.

This is precisely why art and commerce have remained bedfellows for thousands of years. To look at the relationship between art and commerce as adversarial or incompatible is just plain foolish. Art happens when people invest their spirits in their work without fear, and story is artful when the writing is truthful and the writer is authentic.

And what do we have to be honest about? We can only lie about what we know, and we can only tell the truth about what we know. And that is what has happened to us, our life story. This is what we share.

This is not a pitch to write "what you know." This is not about writing stories about where you work or where you live. This is about writing about what you felt. You can imagine characters and worlds and actions and speech you've never personally experienced, but if you remember to infuse your choices with your emotional and spiritual struggles and victories as a human being, your screenplay will be different in the very best sense of the word.

The question you have to answer is not what does Hollywood want today. The question is how honest of a writer do you want to be. I guarantee you can write a blockbuster, you can write a box office hit. This will happen when you find an audience. And the correct path to this crowd of people is listening to yourself. If you practice, you will develop an inner ear for who you are and what you know and you will become masterful in loading your work with your fingerprints. Writing is personal work. You are the guitar. You are the box of paint. Give of that and your audience will remember why life is good and they will talk of you.

About the Author
Winner of the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award at the Sundance Film Festival for LOVE LIZA, Gordy Hoffman has written and directed three digital shorts for Fox Searchlight. He made his feature directorial debut with his script, A COAT OF SNOW, which world premiered at the 2005 Locarno Intl Film Festival. A COAT OF SNOW made its North American Premiere at the Arclight in Hollywood, going on to screen at the Milan Film Festival and the historic George Eastman House. Recently, the movie won the 2006 Domani Vision Award at VisionFest, held at the Tribeca Cinemas in NY. A professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Gordy is the founder and judge of BlueCat Screenplay Competition. Dedicated to develop and celebrate the undiscovered screenwriter, BlueCat provides written script analysis on every script entered. In addition, Gordy acts as a script consultant for screenwriters, offering personalized feedback on their scripts through his consultation service, For more articles by Gordy on screenwriting, visit

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A new radio show devoted to book marketing made its debut on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 on Achieve Radio, noon to 1 p.m., MST. Host Francine Silverman will talk with authors, publishers and publicists, providing listeners with a unique perspective on book promotion.

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Patricia Fry, president of SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists, and Writers Network) and author of 24 books, will be Fran’s first guest. Patricia’s latest book is The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book (Matilija Press 2006), a comprehensive guide for hopeful and struggling authors.

Fran is author of Book Marketing from A-Z and editor publisher of Book Promotion Newsletter,

Issue 174: October 21, 2009

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Issue 174: October 21, 2009

Issued every other Wednesday since 2003

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My book, Talk Radio Wants You: An Intimate Guide to 700 Shows and How to Get Invited (McFarland & Co 2009) was a winner in the National "Best Books 2009" Awards in the Business: Reference category! Many of you have won awards for your books. How have you promoted your awards? Have the awards helped sales? I'd love to hear from you.

Want to be a radio guest but don't have time to research each show?

Ebooks are now available in the following categories: Business, New Age and Entertainment. Each ebook follows my book, Talk Radio Wants You, by including the show's title, host's name, where aired, show theme, guest profile, email, website, phone, and best method of contact. As more questionnaires are completed, more ebooks will be available in other categories.

Business has 42 shows and is $20; New Age, 28 shows and is $15, and Entertainment, 21 shows and is $12. Subscribers may take off $5 from each ebook through the end of October. Upon receipt of payment, the ebook will be emailed to you in an attachment.

The ebooks are available from Francine Silverman at Payment may be made through PayPal to or by check payable to Francine Silverman, and mailed to P.O. Box 1333, Riverdale, New York 10471



You're the Expert
By Patricia L. Fry

Are you the author of a nonfiction book? How many other books have you and/or your book been mentioned in? Have authors of books on your topic quoted you? Do they recommend your book? If not, perhaps you aren't reaching out far enough with your promotional efforts.

You are an expert in your field, right? Otherwise, why would you go to the trouble of writing a book on this topic? And the fact that you have written and published the book surely gives you some credibility. But why stop there? What else could you do in order to bring attention to yourself as an authority in your field? Plenty.

Here's what you want-when someone is researching a book on the topic of your book, whether it is gardening, quilting, skydiving, dog showing, child-rearing, allergies, traveling, religion, art, writing or some obscure subject, you want this author to know about you. You want him or her to value your book and your opinion so they will add your book or company to their resource list or even quote liberally from your book (with your permission, of course). You want to stand out as an expert on your subject, so much so that other experts rely on the research you have done and the knowledge you have accumulated over the years.

How do you manage this? Exposure, exposure, exposure.
· Become known at websites related to your topic.
· Arrange to present workshops at appropriate conferences.
· Write and submit articles on your subject-lots of them.
· Rent booths at book festivals and talk to hundreds of people.
· Comment on other experts' blogs.
· Showcase your book and lots of appropriate resources at your amazing website.
· Join publishing organizations and those related to your topic.

Hey, this is the same thing that publishing professionals advise when it comes to promoting your book, isn't it? Yup! It's all part of the same process. Whether you want to make a difference, become known in your field and/or sell books, the bottom line is the same. You must understand the concept of exposure. You need to have a plan. It is imperative that you are consistent and persistent in your attempts to get exposure. And you really, really need tons of energy and creativity.

Patricia Fry is the executive director of SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network) and the author of 29 books including "The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book." Visit her informative publishing blog often,



Frank Gasiorowski, host of Power Talk, a self-help show on Blog Talk Radio, is re-launching his show, Today's Guest. "Last season over 20,000 fans downloaded episodes of 'TodaysGuest' BTR shows," he says. "More than 30,000 people viewed the shows listing from a search engine.

If you can be a guest or help in any way or know of people who can be our guests, please let me know. If you have any ideas that would make this #1 BTR show even better and more exciting, I need that help also."
"TodaysGuest" will be on BTR radio and on TV Video starting in 2010.

You can reach Frank at



On the heels of Malana Ashie's question about using Facebook in the last issue, Joan Anderson asks:

"What do they use twitter for? And why? Any traceable benefit?"

Joan is author of nine books that are true stories about angels and miracles. Where Angels Walk (Ballantine 1992) was on the New York Times bestseller list for more than a year, sold over two million copies, is in its 40th printing, and spawned seven more books in the series.


(4) FROM THE PEN OF.............

Be an RCP (Review Copy Pushover)

Given how "easy" I am about sending someone a review copy, have I likely been scammed out of a free book now and then? No question. But, to send out a review copy costs me less than $5 (including book, mailer, postage and press kit) for the very best form of advertising I could possibly use: the book itself. If I get even one actual bookstore/Amazon sale as a result, it's paid for itself twice over. If that sale is off my site, now we're up to a three-fold payback. Plus, another book is out there in someone's hands, with all that word-of-mouth potential.

And take it a step further. Even when someone hasn't asked for a book, think about why sending one might be a smart idea. A few months back, I threw an audaciously self-serving offer out in my monthly newsletter. Want some cards to spread the word on my work (for your friends, writers groups, etc.)? And had a few takers. Including a guy who ran a large writers group out west, who asked me if I'd like to be a presenter at their spring conference, all expenses paid.

from The Well-Fed Self-Publisher by Peter Bowerman (Fanove Publishing 2007).



These are the spots I found for my clients:

Cindy Vallar will be the guest of Paul Bruno, host of The History Czar, on April 16, 2010, on All Talk Radio. The discussion will center on the theme of her novel, The Scottish Thistle (Amber Quill Press 2006) - Scotland's Rising of 1745.

Two clients were guests of Stuart Friedman, host of Inside JobJail on Web Talk Radio:

Doris Helge on October 9, 2009 and
Gary Patterson on October 14, 2009.

Doris, "The Joy Coach, is author of Joy on the Job (Shimoda Publishing, Dec 2007) and Transforming Pain into Power (Shimoda Publishing 1998).

Gary has more than 30 years of senior management experience and is author of Stick Out Your Balance Sheet & Cough: Best Practices For Long-Term Business Health (FiscalClinic Communications 2009)(see Kudos)

Brenda Black was the guest of Medium Laura Evans, host of Waking Up with Spirit on Blog Talk Radio, on Sept. 26, 2009.

Brenda is a full-time certified astrologer and host of Your Astrology Now on Achieve Radio.

Frankie Picasso will be the guest of Joe Carroccio, host of the Law of Distraction and Interruption on Achieve Radio, on November 2 at 11:10 am, AZ time, 1:10 p.m. (ET).

On January 8, 2010, Frankie will be the guest of Toyi Ward, host of Onyx View, on Blog Talk Radio, to kick off the "Live your dreams/Keep your Resolutions" show.

Frankie is host of Mission Unstoppable and The Frankie & Johnny Music Hour, both on Blog Talk Radio, and author of Midlife Mojo: How to get through the midlife crisis and emerge as your true self (iUniverse 2008).

Melissa Zollo will be the guest of Striker Corbin on The Striker Corbin Show on November 18, 2009.

On October 20, 2009, Melissa was the guest of Kate Sanner, host of A Jumping-Off Point.

Melissa's audio programs: Discover the Power of Imagination and How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money shows you how to apply all the Universal Laws of Life, not just the law of Attraction.

Malana Ashlie will be a guest on Artist First on the ArtistFirst Radio Network, on Nov. 11, 2009 at 8 p.m.

Malana is author of Gringos in Paradise: Our Honduras Odyssey (BookSurge 2007).

Walter Brasch was invited back on the Howard Gluss Show for the third time, on WS Radio.

Walter's newest book is Sinking the Ship of State: The Presidency of George W. Bush (BookSurge Publishing 2007), named Best Non-Fiction book by the Pennsylvania Press Club and was a finalist in the politics category for the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. (see Kudos)



Five books by subscriber's were honored as finalists in the National "Best Books 2009" Awards: Shirley Cheng's book, Do You Love Jehovah? God Almighty's Infinite Love & Wisdom to Propel You to Greatness" in the Christianity category. "This is my 21st book award overall," she says with well-deserved pride; Carolyn Howard Johnson and Magadlena Ball's chapbook of poetry--a cooperative effort--in the poetry category. Carolyn's book, A Retailer's Guide to Frugal In-Store Promotions: How To Increase Profits and Spit in the Eyes of Economic Downturns with Thrifty Events and Sales Techniques (Thinking Stone Press) in the Business: Marketing & Advertising category; and Gary W. Patterson's Stick Out Your Balance Sheet & Cough: Best Practices For Long-Term Business Health (FiscalClinic Communications 2009) in the Business: General category.

Walter Brasch's book, Sex and the Single Beer Can: Probing the Media and American Culture (Marquette Books) was a winner in the Current Events: Media/Entertainment category


Francine Silverman, P.O. Box 1333, Riverdale, New York 10471, is author of:

TALK RADIO WANTS YOU: AN INTIMATE GUIDE TO 700 SHOWS AND HOW TO GET INVITED (McFarland & Co. 2009), a National "Best Books 2009" Awards winner in the Business: Reference category. The $75 reference book is available from author at $67.50,


BOOK MARKETING FROM A-Z (Infinity Publishing 2005) written by 325 paid subscribers to Book Promotion Newsletter.

Subscribers are entitled to a 20% discount on the book. Contact Fran at for code. The publisher's toll free number does not work outside the continental US and orders cannot be processed from its website for shipping outside the US.

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If emailing Michelle, DO NOT put your credit card number in any email correspondence as this is not secure.

Issue 173: October 7, 2009

ISSN 1545-5599
Issue 173: October 7, 2009

Issued every other Wednesday since 2003


Copy editor - line-by-line editing for spelling, grammar, typos, punctuation and repetitive words in fiction, nonfiction, short stories, biographies, query letters and book proposals. Critiques also available. Two dollars a page. Write or visit



I had a dispute with Peter Shankman, of HARO. As a subscriber to his newsletter, I am familiar with the queries and thought I'd use it to ask for talk radio shows for my forthcoming ebooks. I filled out the template and then received a rejection from his assistant, Laura, stating that it was too self-promotional. I wrote back confused since all of the items are self-serving to some extent. So I re-wrote it and tried again, and again was rejected. Well I was mad by this time and wrote that if they didn't publish my query I was going to bad mouth HARO in my newsletter. Laura apparently turned over my email to Peter, who wrote me a scathing response. What did I think I could accomplish by badmouthing him in my newsletter? How would it look in a court of law? He ended by looking forward to my reply. I wrote back one sentence: "Tell me why my query was rejected."

I next heard from him on a Saturday. He wanted to know why I am doing ebooks if I have a radio show that welcomes ebook guests. Not true. Also, he claims he Googled me and saw that I do ebooks. Not true. This is my first ebook project. If you read his email, you would think I make bundles from all of my ventures. I cleared that one up. I can see that he read me all wrong. Haven't heard from him since.

On that note, if anyone has a recommendation for a pdf converter (from a Word Document) that's an alternative to the expensive Adobe Acrobat, I would be most appreciative. Paul McNeese recommended Nuance, which is $99. Is anyone familiar with E-book Architect or BCL Technologies?

Also, if any of you are radio hosts and I didn't send you a questionnaire, please let me know. I have discovered subscribers who are radio hosts by searching the Internet, not by them telling me.

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Call Five Star Publications for a free consultation. 480-940-8182


In This Issue:

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(2) Grist for Your Mill
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(4) A Good Question
(5) Progress Report
(6) Kudos
(7) Correction


The Future of Publishing
by Fern Reiss, CEO,

In the same way that it's always easier to parent other people's children perfectly, it's easier to criticize the publishing industry from the outside and see what needs to be done. Still, as an 'outsider' who's been in various segments of the publishing industry for over 25 years, here's my top five list of changes the publishing world needs to implement in order to survive the current economic downturn--if the industry is to emerge at the other end intact.

Give up on returns
It's ironic that the policy of bookstore returns started during the last economic Depression, when Simon & Schuster decided it was a great way to allow bookstores to take chances on books because there was no downside. Today, however, the cost of allowing returns is strangling the entire publishing industry. Now's the time to introduce economic incentives for booksellers who are willing to forego returns-or just eliminate the option unilaterally, across the industry. Like gravitating away from hardcovers to soft, eliminating returns will bring book prices way, way down-and change the economics of the entire business.

Put galleys online
Distributing hard copies of advance galleys four months before official publication date is a practice that should have died out with the advent of instant printing several years ago. Why should publishers do headstands to get advance galley copies of books (books that are already in final form, mind you) into the hands of opinion makers four months before the books are officially released? It's time to put galleys online where they belong. Not only will this save mega bucks and mega time, it will eliminate the fake 'four month window' during which you have to sit on your books, as well as the plethora of galleys available for sale on Amazon. Done correctly, it might even generate advance buzz amongst readers.

Market the books, dammit!
When McDonalds introduces a new burger, they do a PR campaign. When the Hilton introduces new amenities, they do a PR campaign. It's hard to even think of an industry where products for the general public are not marketed. But usually the publishing industry only markets books that seem to be taking off already. As an industry pundit once said, publishers would wait to see whether the infant survives before bothering to feed it…

And market the books online, too
The publishing industry hasn't evolved most of its practices in decades, but the rest of the world has changed. Most particularly, where potential readers congregate and buy has changed. Newspapers are dying; magazines are going out of business; and it's not just the independents, but all the brick and mortar bookstores too that are in trouble in this economy. For publishers to really thrive and compete, they need to be where the readers are. And that means Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs. Hire some literate college kids and let them loose, but do something with social media and Web 2.0 and do it fast! With bookstores dwindling and without an online fan base, it's hard to see how even the biggest publishers will survive the decade.

Rethink the whole book model
It's not only the publishing industry that needs to change. Books have to, and can, change in several fundamental ways. One hundred years ago, a book had a beginning, middle and end. Today, books can be sold in smaller increments profitably (think: cell phones). Books can be tailored to specific niches, or even specific individuals (think: Michelin Guide replaced by three page guide to restaurants near my business meeting in the North End; or 200-page tome on knitting replaced by a single-page summary reminding me just how to cast-off.) Also, consumers today, perhaps sadly, watch and listen more and read less. They crave interactivity. Smart publishers will find ways to deliver that. Supplement your books with audio, video and new media. Think out of the proverbial box.

There'll always be writers and (I hope) there'll always be readers. The smart writers and publishers will figure out some way to propel their stuff into the world. But if large publishers don't start making some radical changes, the publishing landscape may have to continue without them. And that would be a shame.

Fern Reiss is Director of the International Association of Writers ( providing publicity vehicles to writers worldwide. She's also CEO of ( and ( and the author of The Publishing Game: Find an Agent in 30 Days, The Publishing Game: Bestseller in 30 Days, and The Publishing Game: Publish a Book in 30 Days. She consults on branding and positioning to small publishers and businesses. Her Expertizing® Publicity Forum enables businesses to pitch directly to journalists; more information at Sign up for her free email newsletter at



Reminder - Author101University will be held in Las Vegas, Nev., Oct. 30-31, 2009. Check the website for all information:

An item from Peter Shankman's newsletter should interest most of you:

Looking for Self-Published Authors
Name: Amy Edelman
Title: Editor
Media Outlet: IndieReader

IndieReader is looking for self-published (aka indie) authors to contribute to our recently launched Web site. There are two opportunities to be included. The first is as a contributor to IndieJourney, which is part of our community section. The second is as a contributor to The Indie Reader, our monthly, online magazine. Interested authors need to be willing to submit a copy of their book for review. There are no fees to participate in either section.

In the meantime, please check out our group on Facebook (IndieReader) where we will be posting the latest and greatest. You can also follow us on Twitter at indiereaderchat.

[Note from Editor: I emailed Amy and she wrote back: Please have whichever of your authors who are interested send a copy of their books to IndieReader, PO Box 43121, Upper Montclair, NJ 07043 and give us a few weeks to review.]

Patricia Fry, executive director of Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network (SPAWN) announces changes and updates in the organization.

Visitors to who sign up for SPAWN's free monthly SPAWNews newsletter also receive a new ebook: Promote Yourself! 25 Ways to Promote Your Work Whether You’re an Artist, Author or Small Publisher. Dues are $45/year. New and renewing members receive the ebook or print book of their choice; a listing in the SPAWN Member Directory; inclusion in the SPAWNDiscuss email Discussion Group; discounts on publishing-related services and products; an opportunity to be listed in the Catalog of Members’ Books and Services, opportunities to participate in various SPAWN activities at a discount; and access to the meaty, monthly SPAWN Market Update newsletter.

Lillian Cauldwell, owner of Passionate Internet Voices Radio and host of Author B-Known, is seeking people to do public relations, sales, engineering, radio hosts (she charges a modest fee for hosting a show) and is offering internships for 18 years olds and under.



Peter Bowerman's article in the last issue really touched a chord:

From Mary Emma Allen:
Francine, great article by Peter Bowerman. He discusses a topic that has bothered me and has caused me to disregard high book ratings, #1 at Amazon, etc. I've been asked, too, to give reviews, write blurbs, vote for books but not given the book to read or at least skim through. However, I've also very graciously been sent copies of books by authors and their PR people and appreciate these opportunities to have the book in hand to review.

From Cynthia Brian:
Had to drop a note to thank you for running Peter Bowerman's article "Reviewing Your Ethics." I agree with him one hundred percent and hope that writers and authors take his message to heart about promoting and marketing a book. Because I am a New York Times best selling author as well as an award winning TV/radio personality, I literally get emails daily asking me to endorse a book, offer a free gift to a book sale, write a review, or buy a book on Amazon on a certain day. Years ago when a colleague or person I knew or had interviewed on my radio program asked, I would comply. Today I am happy to endorse a well written book; however, I refuse to engage in these Amazon scams, even though many well-respected author friends are participating. Like Peter, I believe as writers we have an obligation to write excellent books and market them honestly. As a radio host, I will not interview an author unless I have read the book cover to cover and am able to offer a detailed
discussion which I feel is beneficial to the author and to the listeners. Offering useless bonuses to get a high ranking for a few seconds does not support the reader, nor the public. The best way to hit a best seller list is to do it the old fashioned way...earn it.

Cynthia's new book is Be the Star You Are! for TEENS. (

From Melissa Zollo to Peter:
"I just read your article and was very touched by it," she wrote. "I have a newsletter that doesn't deal with ebooks or publishing but it does deal with integrity and Truth Principles. I'd like to have your permission to post your article in one of my upcoming newsletters."



Malana Ashlie wants some insight on "how to use Facebook (FB) (and others) to maximum potential."

Malana, author of GRINGOS IN PARADISE: Our Honduras Odyssey Pathways To Inner Peace (BookSurge 2007), took advantage of Irene Watson's Reader Views' "water cooler special" at $125 and did an interview with her on October 6, 2009, which will also be printed in her newsletter and advertised on her sidebar.



These are the spots I found for my clients:

Aaron Lazar will be the guest of Barry Eva, host of A Book and a Chat, on November 28, 2009 at 11 am (ET).

Mystery author Aaron's latest books are part of a series: HEALEYS CAVE: A GREEN MARBLE MYSTERY, 2008; ONE POTATO, BLUE POTATO, 2009, FOR KEEPS, 2010


Two clients will be guests of Darien and Darius, hosts of It's All About You, on

Katherine Scherer on December 21, 2009 and Frankie Picasso on January 12, 2010.

Eileen Bodoh and Katherine are co-authors of Gratitude Works (K&E Innovations 2004).

Frankie is host of Mission Unstoppable and Quantum Radio, and Midlife Mojo Radio on Blog Talk Radio, and author of Midlife Mojo: How to get through the midlife crisis and emerge as your true self (iUniverse 2008).

Dawn Mushill was the guest of Tarsha Polk, The Marketing Lady and host of Let's Talk Success, on September 19, 2009.
Dawn is author of Customer Service and Beyond (Femme Osage Publishing 2008).

Gerri Helms was a guest of Peter Murphy, host of Women Are Talking, on Saturday, September 26, 2009, on WMEL AM 1300, airing in Melbourne-Cocoa Beach, FL, talking about her new book (The ART of Grandparenting) "and broccoli, of course!" she says.

Gerri is author of Trust God and Buy Broccoli ((Femme Osage Publishing 2007).

Tina Howe has been invited back on A Book and a Chat with Storyheart (Barry Eva) on Saturday, Nov. 21, 2009.

Also present on her end will be five of the 40 actors who recorded the character voices for the audio book version of her first book, Alysa of the Fields (Booklocker 2006), for which she received a grant from the ARTs Council of the Southern Finger Lakes and NYSCA. "We will conduct a performance of the audio book in front of an audience on Saturday, December 5, in Corning, NY (and will hopefully have audience participation)," she says."Barry Eva plans to do a book signing at this event, and may step up to the mic to play a role himself!"

She has also been invited back to Toni Quest's Screaming Woman on Internet Voices Radio on November 16, 2009.

Tina notes that Toni "may be coming to the Dec 5th performance."

Melissa Zollo will be the guest of Kate Sanner, host of A Jumping-Off Point on Vivacity Radio., on October 20, 2009 at 11 AM (ET).

Melissa's audio programs: Discover the Power of Imagination and How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money shows you How to Apply All the Universal Laws of Life, not just the law of Attraction



Brian Wizard's books and film brought the curator of the Smithsonian Inst. Nat'l Air and Space Museum to him when he was looking for information on smokeships, on one of which he was a permanent door gunner.

All these videos, says Brian, "will show you how much my writings regarding the Viet Nam War have influenced our nation's history."

This shows a collection of photos of the combat flight helmet Brian wears in his award-winning film, now on display under glass at the NASM's Vertical Flight Collection:

This is a music video of the last verse of Brian's latest music video, and goes out to his crewmate, Harvey, who recently died:

This is the speech given by the curator at the recent party Brian threw for the debut of the rare missing part to the smokeship on display: the smoke generator."I found it, bought it, donated it, they installed it, and the speech tells of how my writing sold the NASM on the idea of emphasizing the utility of the Huey as a smokeship, which were few and far between throughout the entire war," he says. "So, my writings have secured me and smokeships in the best of Halls of Fame. If you, or anyone, is ever in Chantilly, Va. go to the Udvar-Hazy Center, which houses the NASM and check out the helicopter and my flight gear on display for a long, long time."

Margaret L. Carter had a podcast interview and read from one of her vampire novels, Embracing Darkness, on

Tina Howe's second novel, The TrailFolk of Xunar-kun (Booklocker 2008), placed First in Rebecca's Reads' Fall 2009 Written Art Awards, Science Fiction/Fantasy Category.
Complete list of winner and reviews are at

Janice Law was recently featured worldwide on British Broadcasting radio speaking about her thriller, Wicked Good Secrets (Eakin Press 2009). She was signing at Borders on 18th Street in Washington, D.C. on Sept 15, the day Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol debuted. Since Wicked is similar to Lost Symbol, BBC did an interview with Janice which airs at the end of the segment.



The ".com" in Sigrid MacDonald's blog address was omitted in her ad.


Francine Silverman, P.O. Box 1333, Riverdale, New York 10471, is author of:

TALK RADIO WANTS YOU: AN INTIMATE GUIDE TO 700 SHOWS AND HOW TO GET INVITED (McFarland & Co. 2009). The $75 reference book is available from author at $67.50,


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