BY: Jay Johnson

Authors, ban together to make your selves and your books known! Every self-published author should have at least a single page web site and their own link to PayPal for book payment. YES, I said EVERY author! We at Banyon are trying to create a network (The Banyon Network) to do just that, at the very lowest of cost to the author and with NO maintenance of the site.

OBVIOUSLY, if you already have a website, you're some what ahead of the pack; how fancy a site is less important than having one.

WHY? Very simple, with enough authors in the network we create a unified means of fighting back (i.e., Why let the amazons of the world make all of the profits?). Remember, just because your book is on one of the behemoth sites it doesn't sell unless YOU tell some one where to buy it. Is it too much to ask, that you direct the same business to yourself?

I've heard all of the excuses, e.g., Im not good at business; I don't have the time to keep track of orders; I hate to look like I'm selling my own book(s); the 'ridiculous excuses list' goes on and I won't bore you. I am NOT sympathetic to any of them! WHY? Because I've seen too many authors allow good works to go unread because they lacked the confidence or encouragement to make themselves and their book(s) known.


How would the Banyon Network help? Well, without getting too technical, a network would make the search engines pay attention to the activity. What activity? The activity is the visit, review and sale of books from small but linked book sites. Each network member author would benefit, NOT unlike a book store, it will put more of you in a common place and cause each author to earn more from a sale.

I'll be looking forward to hearing from and working with you.

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