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Screenwriting Advice Article!

You are the Box Office Smash: The Personal Screenplay
by Gordy Hoffman

Right this very second, in the heart of every struggling, undiscovered screenwriter, in the dark, hidden corner deep within, there is a voice, a clear whisper, saying one thing:

You're never gonna figure this out.

And this is not referring to the story with its gaping hole, the finale missing a payoff, the hit and miss humor, the flat title.

I'm talking about freedom. The freedom to work as a screenwriter. Compensation for a home for family and a life. The resources to wake up and ply your craft and pay the freight, without obstacle. The chance to see your writing made into pictures, to work with the industry's best, to fulfill this goal of professional screenwriter. Hollywood success.

Behind this voice is the idea that somehow, some way, you'll find the hero, or the hook, logline or pitch that will punch your golden ticket. If you could only figure out what the studio wants, if you can only get a solid bead to this game, you know you can write and execute. What is the script I should write to get an agent? What is the one that will sell? It's not that I don't know how to write, I know how to write screenplays, I just need to know what they want, even though I think I know what they want, but I don't think I have the idea that they want. Yeah.

I'm not gonna figure this out, whispers the voice.

Why this uneasiness? Does it originate within ourselves? I don't think so. But where does it come from? The daily obsession with box office grosses? The news of the seven figure deals to newbies? The endless procession of boneheadedly conceived franchises-in-waiting arriving in the theatres every Friday? People winning Academy Awards for movies you would not be caught dead writing? Recognizing an idea you came up with years ago on your couch, produced with a $130 million budget drowning in CGI?

All these things are but a few of the possible reasons why this seeds unhealthy doubt and confusion in the modern screenwriter. Tracking these forces outside us and beyond our control in an effort to trudge the path to a successful screenwriting career will prove to most to be unproductive and corrosive. Basically, trying to figure out what Hollywood wants will land us in a resentment that makes "giving up" a sane response to the very challenge which used to inspire us. In short, we cannot chase a perceived trend and remember our dreams.

You cannot look at the marketplace and find your voice. You can find ideas, trends, and inspiration there, perhaps, but you can find these things driving in traffic as well. But listening to your voice is the key to creating original, compelling stories.

Your life is your own story. You have a completely unique thread of experience. By allowing yourself to express these emotional experiences, your screenplay, your story, will be different from any other and powerful, as original as your fingerprint.

Why is it powerful? When we have the courage to be specific about what we know about living, we create an authentic world an audience recognizes as the life they are living on planet Earth. This connects your audience to your story. This connection is the foundation of the phenomena of story.

Why does story mean so much to us? We recognize the triumphs and tragedies of our lives, with all the hilarity and tears. By seeing it, we are validated and it underscores meaning and purpose to living.

If we don't use what we've collected in life in our hearts and spirits, then our story loses its authenticity and the connection the audience should make fails. They do not see themselves, and when they leave the theater, they do not call their friends. When people do not call their friends after seeing a movie, the movie bombs.

When a writer opens their person to their work, when they allow themselves to be vulnerable, to risk exposure of the secrets of their life story, they take a huge step towards creating a screenplay of substantial value, a screenplay with a greater potential of a large number of tickets sold.

This is precisely why art and commerce have remained bedfellows for thousands of years. To look at the relationship between art and commerce as adversarial or incompatible is just plain foolish. Art happens when people invest their spirits in their work without fear, and story is artful when the writing is truthful and the writer is authentic.

And what do we have to be honest about? We can only lie about what we know, and we can only tell the truth about what we know. And that is what has happened to us, our life story. This is what we share.

This is not a pitch to write "what you know." This is not about writing stories about where you work or where you live. This is about writing about what you felt. You can imagine characters and worlds and actions and speech you've never personally experienced, but if you remember to infuse your choices with your emotional and spiritual struggles and victories as a human being, your screenplay will be different in the very best sense of the word.

The question you have to answer is not what does Hollywood want today. The question is how honest of a writer do you want to be. I guarantee you can write a blockbuster, you can write a box office hit. This will happen when you find an audience. And the correct path to this crowd of people is listening to yourself. If you practice, you will develop an inner ear for who you are and what you know and you will become masterful in loading your work with your fingerprints. Writing is personal work. You are the guitar. You are the box of paint. Give of that and your audience will remember why life is good and they will talk of you.

About the Author
Winner of the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award at the Sundance Film Festival for LOVE LIZA, Gordy Hoffman has written and directed three digital shorts for Fox Searchlight. He made his feature directorial debut with his script, A COAT OF SNOW, which world premiered at the 2005 Locarno Intl Film Festival. A COAT OF SNOW made its North American Premiere at the Arclight in Hollywood, going on to screen at the Milan Film Festival and the historic George Eastman House. Recently, the movie won the 2006 Domani Vision Award at VisionFest, held at the Tribeca Cinemas in NY. A professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Gordy is the founder and judge of BlueCat Screenplay Competition. Dedicated to develop and celebrate the undiscovered screenwriter, BlueCat provides written script analysis on every script entered. In addition, Gordy acts as a script consultant for screenwriters, offering personalized feedback on their scripts through his consultation service, For more articles by Gordy on screenwriting, visit

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A new radio show devoted to book marketing made its debut on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 on Achieve Radio, noon to 1 p.m., MST. Host Francine Silverman will talk with authors, publishers and publicists, providing listeners with a unique perspective on book promotion.

To access Book Marketing with Fran, go to and click “Click to Listen” at top of page. Should you miss the show, click “Shows & Hosts” on the left and scroll down to Fran’s show and click, “More-Click Here” for the archives.

Patricia Fry, president of SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists, and Writers Network) and author of 24 books, will be Fran’s first guest. Patricia’s latest book is The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book (Matilija Press 2006), a comprehensive guide for hopeful and struggling authors.

Fran is author of Book Marketing from A-Z and editor publisher of Book Promotion Newsletter,

Issue 151: Dec. 3, 2008

ISSN 1545-5599
Issue 151: Dec. 3, 2008

Issued every other Wednesday since 2003

In This Issue:

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Red Hot Book Sales on the Internet

By Penny C. Sansevieri

It's no secret that the 'Net keeps changing all the time; what is a secret to many is how to make the most of the 'Net and sell some books. When it comes down to it, that's the #1 focus of publishers and authors alike. The 'Net has become the place to go for book sales, but it's more than just having your book listed on or your own website; it's about getting people to know about it. With millions of websites coming online every month, that task is getting tougher and tougher each day.

It seems like only yesterday we were telling you that reciprocal linking was *the* way to go to get traffic. What is reciprocal linking? Well, it's where you give a link on your site to someone else and they give one to you. This tactic may have worked in 2006 but it's no longer a good idea. Why? Because search engines are now looking at high quality one-way (inbound) links. Says Susan Gilbert, AME's SEO expert: " Google has declared 2007 as the year of the incoming link - high quality, one-way links. Now more than ever, it is important to create a long term site building presence that focuses on the community aspect of the World Wide Web."

A backlink is a link which directs others towards your site. They are sometimes referred to as inbound links. These are links that go from another website to your website. But it's more than just that, it's also about having backlinks that matter. If you haven't done a vanity search on yourself in a while try this: Google your name and see what sites come up (when you Google your name use the "+" sign between your first and last name for a more accurate search). Now take a quick peek at the list of sites and see how they rank according to Google. Are they on the 20th page of a Google search or are they on the 1st or 2nd page? These are all indicators of high quality, high traffic sites. Now look at the sites that are in your topic/market. Ideally, you want every site linking to you to be your market. That's the definition of a high quality, high traffic site.

The number of backlinks that your site has is an indication of how popular or important it is according to the major search engines. Backlinks are important for SEO, because search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN, will give more credit to those sites with a good number of quality backlinks. They will then consider these sites more relevant than others in the results pages of a search query.

Most search engines will want websites to have a level playing field, and so will more often than not look for natural links that have been built slowly over time. Link farms or companies that promise hundreds of backlinks will do nothing but get your site delisted by the search engines. Once this happens, it could take months, and even years to get it back online. (Delisting means that the site no longer comes up in search engines).

Although it can be fairly easy to manipulate the links on a web page in order to achieve a higher ranking, it is a lot harder to influence a search engine with external backlinks from another site. This is why these feature so highly in a search engine's algorithm.

According to research we've done, there are a number of ways in which you can get additional backlinks to your website.

1. Reciprocal Linking.
This is where you link to another site that provides the same service or product as you and they in turn have a link to your site on theirs. While very popular in the past, this exchange of links is not as valuable as one-way links.

2. Site Submissions.
Submit links for your site to directories which allow free submissions, or if you can afford it, some paid directories. There are many sites which offer a service where you can submit your site's details to numerous websites. Plus, if you want, you can always create your own directory of similar websites.

3. Blogging.
This has now become an integral part of the Internet, and is one of the most effective ways of linking.

You either have the choice of placing a few words or comments on to someone else's blog, or you may want to link to them from your own blog. However, with so many people creating blogs and wanting to link to each other's blogs, this can be extremely time- consuming.

4. Articles.
This is another way of getting great backlinks. It's vital that any articles you write are on the subject, informative and thorough in relation to your site.

Quality articles published on article sites are a great way of getting even more backlinks to your site.

Always include a resource box at the end, as this will include that all important backlink to your site. This resource box should also include a short biography regarding you and your site.

5. Social Bookmarking.
This is a way to record your favorite sites online at the various social bookmarking sites, and that way the search engine spiders pick up your bookmarks and follow these backlinks to your websites.

6. Creating Feeder Sites.
Adding a MySpace or Squidoo page with links back to your website is extremely beneficial and expands your online presence at the same time.
The above are just a few ways that you can get backlinks to your website to help it rank more highly in the search engines and attract more traffic. Using these techniques you should see an increase in the volume of traffic arriving at your website.

The important thing is to take action today. Things are getting more and more competitive, with thousands of websites coming online every day. If you want to succeed online (and everyone needs to be online), you'll want to get started now.

Increasing ranking and traffic are going to be our continued focus in the months and weeks to come. As offline markets become more populated and less accessible, the Internet is the place to go to sell your book.

Founder of Author Marketing Experts, Inc., Penny is a best-selling author and internationally recognized book marketing and media relations expert. Her company is one of the leaders in the publishing industry and has developed some of the most cutting-edge book marketing campaigns. She is the author of five books, including Book to Bestseller which has been called the "road map to publishing success." AME is the first marketing and publicity firm to use Internet promotion to its full impact through The Virtual Author Tour™, which strategically works with message boards, blogs, ezines, and relevant sites to push an authors message into the virtual community and connect with sites related to the book's topic, positioning the author in his or her market. To learn more about Penny's books or her promotional services, you can visit her web site at To subscribe to her free ezine, send a blank email to:


The annual fee for this newsletter is $7.50, which can be paid in one of two ways: By PayPal to or by check made payable to Francine Silverman and sent to her at P.O. Box 1333, Riverdale, New York 10471



Stephanie Chandler just finalized a contract with the publisher of her next book (due to be released next fall): LEAP! 101 Ways to Grow Your Business.

"Just like my previous book, LEAP! is the book I wanted to read," she says. "I haven't found anything quite like it and I'm so excited about the possibilities. And like my other books, each chapter concludes with a real-world success story. So if you have a compelling success story (have overcome obstacles, taken your business to the next level, etc.) and have been in business for 3+ years, please send me an e-mail to with a one paragraph description of your story. If it sounds like a good fit, I will send you an interview form to complete."

Stephanie is the author of From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur: Make Money with Books, E-books and Information Products (John Wiley & Sons, December 2006) and The Business Startup Checklist and Planning Guide (Aventine Press, September 2005) and The Author's Guide to Building an Online Platform: Leveraging the Internet to Sell More Books.

The SingleMindedWomen blog accepts essays to run on the blog from women who have an interesting take on love, lust or relationships, but they don't at this time pay for such pieces. "Please feel free to have them submit to my email here," says Josie Brown, Relationships Channel Editor. "If it is something we can use, I'll email back, with the launch date. We will of course run a 1-paragraph bio at the end of the piece, and link to the author's website."

Renee Giroux is putting together a writers resource page on her website,, and also featuring a writers resource every week in her newsletter and in her blog - Renee is accepting articles from "anyone who is a 'writers resource.'"

Attention Poets - Diane Tegarden has a Poetry Reading the first Tuesday of every month on her radio show on You can email her at for the details.

Attention Artists - Allan Silberhartz, host of Bridging Heaven & Earth, syndicated on radio and on Cable TV, has embarked on a project called The Bridging Heaven & Earth Art Project, a world-wide energy amplifying process using art and the collective energies of many. Each artist produces an all-new work of art (painting, sculpture, collage....anything that comes through them) based on the theme " Bridging Heaven & Earth "

The art will put on the Bridging television show that goes out all over the U.S. to over 150 cities and is shown on the Internet. "We will put all pieces on our website and feature them in the Bridging openings, shows at beautiful venues, possibly a book of the 'Bridging Heaven & Earth' art down the's all open, inclusive, and infinite.....," says Allan.

"Also, whatever we sell the art for will be split with the artist and the Bridging Foundation so each individual artist, as well as the Foundation, will be supported."



Dawn Mushill is author of Customer Service and Beyond (Femme Osage Publishing 2008), based on good, bad and ugly customer servie examples. Her best marketing tip has been marketing to those with whom she has already built relationships – clients (past, current and potential), friends, past employers, family and anyone she has met over the course of her life. "Everyone can use a good customer service book and many of these individuals have heard me speak so it was a no brainer to include them in my mailing list," she says. "I started with a 'letter of excitement', announcing in April that I was on the tail end of finishing my book. (I had been talking about it for years so people already knew it was in process.) I gave a couple of short story examples and talked about the writing process. My next mailing was mailed in September. It was a professionally printed postcard that talked about the book. I intentionally didn’t date the card and used clear peel off labels to promote
my book signing events. These postcards went to the same list of individuals I mentioned earlier but many more. This time I included the local media, television shows, radio programs, etc."

Before the book was published Dawn had many pre-orders. She then followed up on those who had received postcards. "For my larger clients, I mailed each president a complimentary copy, marking specific stories related specifically to their business. This was a hit. For example, I mailed a book to a hospital that is a current client of mine. The president scanned the book and ordered 50 from me with a note that said 'this is just our first order'. I think taking the time to mark the book really helped."

Dawn had professional glossy bookmarks printed and distributed them prior to the arrival of the book and gave them out to everyone who purchased a book. The bookmarks have information about her business, etc. She also orchestrated local book signing events. "I have also spoken to anyone who will let me – local Kiwanis, BNI, Rotary, schools, etc. This is a great way to begin to build relationships and also sell books. No one loves your book more than you and no one is going to be able to promote your book better than you!"

Dawn is working on a workbook to correspond with the book.



Gerri Helms discovered these websites where authors can feature their books at
"Under the 12 days of Christmas article, there is a plethora of websites to list ourselves as authors and blogs for book reviews," she says. "Thought it was pretty cool. I took a day to join every author site she had listed."

Gerri is author of Trust God and Buy Broccoli (Femme Osage 2007).

Lillian Caldwell discovered this site for listing your signings.

Lillian is host of AuthorB-Known on

Another place to submit articles. The site also provides a host of services, including promoting authors.



Patricia Daly-Lipe's power point presentation, based on her historical fiction, Forbidden Loves, Paris Between the Wars (Jada Press 2004), 1st Runner-Up for Fiction JADA Trophy and the Finalist Award, will take place Sunday, Dec 7, 2008, 2:30 - 4 p.m. at the Historical Society of Washington, D.C. - 801 K Street, NW, across from the Convention Center.
The book visits an era of innovation on all levels when Paris was the cultural capital of the world. From Charles Lindbergh to Bessie Coleman, from James Joyce and Gertrude Stein to Joseph Campbell and Natalie Barney, the story depicts both history and the protagonist's poignant pursuit of love. However, this presentation will concentrate on the historical aspects only.

Although the era of Paris between the wars was a showcase of artistic, technological and cultural dynamism and change, other forces were at work. One Great War had ended. Its tragedy was obvious visually and emotionally. The next 'great war', however, was simmering, drawing strength from issues unresolved by the first conflict.

Patricia's power point presentation will take the audience behind the scenes, from Washington to Paris (1927-1939), and include writers, artists and aviators from the United States who defied the ravages of war, the hardships of a depressed economy, and the ominous threat of a new invasion from Germany. They were all expatriates, but there was something about Paris which had a strong influence on their productivity.

The event is free and open to the public



These are the spots I found for my clients:

Carolyn Howard-Johnson will be the guest of Paul Bruno, host of Career Czar on Blog Talk Radio, on January 30, 2009.

Carolyn's latest book is The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success (Red Engine Press 2007), which won USA Book News' award in the writing category.

Melissa Zollo will be the guest of Mary Suhr, host of Health and Harmony Nwk on Blog Talk Radio, on January 21, 2009, 5-5:30 pm (PT), 8 pm (ET).

Melissa is the author of two audio programs: Discover the Power of Imagination and How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money

Lorraine Cohen, host of Powerfull Living Radio,,, was the guest of Doreen Rainey, host of Get Radical on Voice America, on November 25, 2008.

Melissa Alvarez was the guest of Dan Martinez, host of Voices in the NYGHT Paranormal Radio, on on November 26, 2008.

An award-winning author, graphic artist, website designer, paranormal researcher and clairvoyant advisor, Melissa recently became the National Paranormal Examiner at

Allie Thiess will be the guest of Katy Manna, host of Live with The Lights On on Voice America's 7th Wave Channel,, on December 15, 2008.

Allie is the owner of Gypsy Girl Press and the author of Gypsy Magic For The Soul book series, published by Gypsy Girl Press in 2006 - 2007.

Walter Brasch will be a guest on The Dave Gordon Show on on December 14, 2008 at 8:20 pm (ET).

Walter's newest book is Sinking the Ship of State: The Presidency of George W. Bush (BookSurge Publishing 2007), named Best Non-Fiction book by the Pennsylvania Press Club and a finalist in the politics category for the Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

See the Kudos

Gerri Helms was the guest of Sandy Hill, host of Eating to Live! on Satuday, November 29, 2008, for a major show on childhood obesity.

Life and Health Coach Gerri is author of Trust God and Buy Broccoli (Femme Osage 2007).



Betty Jo Tucker, host of Movie Addict Headquarters,, had two nice things happen this week.

She was featured in Sound Bits, a new weekly BlogTalkRadio feature spotlighting hosts with "the most intriguing shows."


Two quotes from her reviews of Johnny Depp movies were included in Johnny Depp: A Biography by Michael Blitz and Louise Krasniewicz (Greenwood Publishing Group 2007).

From Finding Neverland, Betty Jo wrote: “Depp delivers an extraordinary performance, one marked again by meticulous attention to detail.”

From Secret Window:
“Depp may be the only actor around today who's able to turn washing and drying his hands into a dramatic clue about the character he's playing.”

Walter Brasch was invited on the Thom Hartmann Program on Dec. 1, at 1 pm (ET). The national show is syndicated by Air America Radio and rated #23 on the 2008 Talkers Heavy Hundred list. His producer wrote Walter that "we'd like to talk about your article below" which was about labor unions. I asked Walter how they saw it and he responded, "I think they get my column by e-mail."

Walter reported that his 15 minute interview went well and that "He mentioned book 2x, and called my latest column "brilliant" at least 2x."


Francine Silverman, P.O. Box 1333, Riverdale, New York 10471, is author of:

BOOK MARKETING FROM A-Z (Infinity Publishing 2005) written by 325 paid subscribers to Book Promotion Newsletter.

Subscribers are entitled to a 20% discount on the book. Contact Fran at for code. The publisher's toll free number does not work outside the continental US and orders cannot be processed from its website for shipping outside the US.

Subscribers in foreign countries who wish to purchase the books with the discount may email Michelle at or fax an order (610/941-9959). She will provide confirmation that your order has been received and will be processed promptly. When using these options subscribers should put everything to Michelle's attention and reference the Promotional Code (contact Fran for code).

If emailing Michelle, DO NOT put your credit card number in any email correspondence as this is not secure.

Issue 152: Dec. 17, 2008

ISSN 1545-5599
Issue 152: Dec 17, 2008

Issued every other Wednesday since 2003

In This Issue:

(1) Feature Article
(2) Grist for Your Mill
(3) Progress Report
(4) From the Pen Of.........
(5) Kudos


Display your book at one of the most popular Western apparel and gift shows in the US - the Denver-WESA Marketplace. Five Star Publications is offering a co-op program with prices starting as low as $149.

Please email info@fivestarpublications for more details.



I am thinking about doing another radio show called The Toastmasters Club Radio Show. I had given a speech at my Toastmaster's meeting on why I thought a radio show would help put our club on the map, not thinking that any of the members would be interested in participating. Low and behold one member ran with the ball. So I created the website - - and now have to see if we get enough rotating hosts to make it worthwhile. If any of you are current Toastmasters and want to be a alternate host, let me know. My first guest will probably be Patricia Fry, since she is an advanced Toastmaster (and has an article in this month's issue of its magazine).


This is No Time to Cut Back On Promotion
By Patricia Fry

Sure, times are tough. Businesses are re-organizing, workers are collecting unemployment and consumers have curtailed their buying habits. But you still have a book to sell. “In this failing economic climate?” you might ask. What's an author to do, throw in the towel and give up the ship? Certainly not! Now's the time to kick your promotional plan into high gear. How? Here are a few ideas:

1: Do more of what you're doing. Maybe you're not selling many books through your blog, anymore. Perhaps the book reviews and interviews posted at other blog sites aren't generating many sales, either. Should you stop these activities? Probably not. Instead, why not locate more potential reviewers? And step up the value of your own blog by providing samples from your novel or by offering information and resources related to the topic of your nonfiction book.

2: Add a new activity. Maybe you've been thinking about contacting newspaper columnists related to the topic of your book (seniors/retirement, parenting, foods/cooking, travel, pets, automotive, psychology or sports, for example). This might be a good time to start this process. Is your book conducive to online courses or in-person workshops? If so and, if you haven't done so already, why not develop a course and start presenting it?

3: Stretch. Is there a promotional activity that you've been putting off because you were just too timid (or too busy) to try it-public speaking, for example, or writing articles to promote your book? Now is the time to extend yourself and include these activities as part of your marketing repertoire.

4: Step outside the box. Try something new. Have you thought of doing home parties to promote your book or taking your book door-to-door? I know authors who have done both of these things quite successfully. Imagine having guests at home parties dress in costume and participate in acting out your novel. Or simply give guests scripts and encourage them to read sections of it. For a nonfiction book, give a demonstration related to your topic-make a recipe from your cookbook, show how to design a yard so it has curb appeal or demonstrate the fine points of making various craft items featured in your book, for example. In the case of a memoir or an inspirational book, you might just discuss it and read from it. Then encourage questions. One author I know went door-to-door pulling stacks of his novel in a wagon. He said that most people bought copies of his book and several of them purchased more than one.

5: Create a renewed desire for your book. Come up with ideas to create new customers for your novel or nonfiction book. Maybe there are people who have never heard of bread starters, for example, or who didn't know that you could make room diffusers or who aren't familiar with hand knitting, living wreaths or crafts using beach glass. One of my online course book promotion students wrote a book on jellyfish in aquariums. That's a new one on me. If you have a book on a topic similar to those above, expand your audience base by teaching classes and workshops related to your theme. This is an excellent way to create awareness and demand for your book.

6: Increase your promotional volume. In other words, if you've been doing some promotion once a week, step it up to every day. If you typically participate in one promotional activity per day, increase this to three or more. It doesn't even have to be an aggressive promotional move. Simply include advertising bookmarks in each envelope when you pay bills this month. Research websites and publications related to the theme of your book and start a list to contact later. Contact one of those on the list and arrange for an interview, guest blog, book review, for your book to be among their recommended books or offer to write an article for their website or newsletter.

7: Make news. I often tell my clients and students to make news and then report it. For example, start a group related to your book topic/genre, give a public cooking class focusing on the recipes in your book, feed the homeless, do a drive to gather food for the poor community, run a contest related to the theme of your book. And be sure to invite the press. If they don't show up, send a press release along with photos to every local newspaper.

Don't waste energy worrying about what might happen in this financially very difficult time. Don't sit back and let your book fail. If your book was worthwhile to publish, it is worth your effort to keep it alive. Be proactive on behalf of your book and you'll be in better shape at the end of this recession than most.

Patricia Fry is a full-time freelance writer, editorial and publishing consultant, teacher and the author of 28 books. She is the president of SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network) Enroll in Patricia's online, on-demand courses for writers and authors. And visit her informative blog often:



This was submitted by Penny C. Sansevieri:

Author Marketing Experts, Inc presents AME-U, a free resource for authors looking to learn all they can about marketing, publicity, publishing, media, and web sites. This series of tele-classes are held throughout the month.

FMI go to: and click on free classes. To sign up for our classes send an email to


Mari Torres, host of That's My Word on Blog Talk Radio, recommended this social network for entrepreneurs:

Four Excellent Book Review Sites are:

Shirley Roe, a subscriber and client, provided the following information:

Allbooks Review reviews both traditional and POD published books. We review ebooks and prepub manuscripts as well. Our authors and publishers come from all over the world. Authors are instructed to contact us first; we send submission guidelines and then direct the book to the reviewer. We do not charge for reviews; however, we do have an excellent author promotion using the review that we have a fee of less than $50 for. The package includes a posting for 12 months on our site, entry in the Allbooks Editor's Choice Award which is a $50 value, circulation of the review to various sites and publications, possible inclusion in a column that syndicates to 21 chronicles, including World News, one month Feature, author interview and much more. We are affiliated with RealTime and Theebooksale for publishing needs.

We also offer editing, synopsis, publishing information, etc. Winner of the Writer's Digest 101 Best Sites for Writers award, two years in a row.

The following was taken from the website. I recall that James A. Cox, the editor-in-chief, was very nice about reviewing my book, Book Marketing from A-Z.

The Midwest Book Review gives priority consideration to small publishers, self-published authors, academic presses, and specialty publishers.

I sent a note to James Cox and he wrote back:

Please send two copies of the published book for review, accompanied by a cover letter and some form of publicity release, to the attention of:
James A. Cox
Midwest Book Review
278 Orchard Drive
Oregon, WI 53575

Rebeccas Reads only charges a $10 fee for books not listed on Amazon.

Rachel Riebeling Durfor, associate editor, submitted the following: offers a variety of services especially designed to provide the most cost effective way to receive a review and help authors, publishers and publicists market their books. To find out more about our publicity packages, see our services page:

RebeccasReads also offers complimentary reviews (more info and guidelines: for which you simply send your publication to our mailing address:

Review Request
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The following is provided by Michael Orthofer, Managing Editor, at the Complete Review and its Literary Saloon:

The Complete Review mainly covers fiction -- and fiction in translation at that -- so most non-fiction titles are non-starters here.
The vast majority of books we review are "traditionally" published and we do decline most offers for self-published titles (in part because we don't really cover self-help titles,which many of these tend to be), but we'll consider pretty much anything.

We strongly prefer not to receive any unsolicited review copies; except in the case of authors whom we have already covered extensively; authors/publishers should let us know about the book(s) they'd like to submit.
There is no charge for reviews.



These are the spots I found for my clients:

Bettye Jamieson will be the guest of Lucia, "the dating expert," host of The Art of Love on LA Talk Radio on January 18 at 3pm (PT).

Bettye is author of For the Love of Beulah: Discovering your Purpose in Life Begins with Love (NT Publishing 2004), and Love, The Greatest Choice of All (JTW Publishing 2006).,

Michelle Avanti will be the guest of Laurie A. Santos, host of Extreme Dream Radio, on Blog Talk Radio, today, December 17, 2008 at 10:30 AM (PT).

Michelle is author of GreeHee The Journey of Five (GreeHee Publishing 2006), the first of five epic fantasies in the "Tales of Tamoor" series, winner of The NCPA 2007 Best Juvenile Fiction Award. She also teaches classes in dream interpretation among other subjects.

Walter Brasch will be the guest of Gary Barkley, host of Shared Sacrifice on Blog Talk Radio, on December 20, 2008 from 2:30 - 3:30 pm (ET).

Walter's newest book is Sinking the Ship of State: The Presidency of George W. Bush (BookSurge Publishing 2007), named Best Non-Fiction book by the Pennsylvania Press Club and a finalist in the politics category for the Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski will be the guests of Lisa D. Smith, host of Creative Celebrations on Blog Talk Radio, on January 25, 2009 from 2-4 pm (PT). :

Judith & Jim are the bestselling authors of five relationship books. Be Loved for Who You Really Are (St. Martin's Press 2001), The New Intimacy (HCI 1997), Opening to Love 365 Days a Year (HCI 2000), The Smart Couple's Guide to the Wedding of Your Dreams (New World Library 2005), and Living Your Love Everyday (eBook) and of Selling Is Spiritual Service: Using the Power of Soft Sell Marketing to Succeed with Integrity, Authenticity, and Profit (Morgan James 2008).

Two authors will be the guests of Hyacinth Bailey, host of Global Life Transition Coach on Blog Talk Radio. Coach.

Heather Resnick on the third Sunday in January and Francina Harrison on the 4th Sunday.

Heather's latest book is Women Reworked (Creative Bound Inc. 2006)

Francina is author of A Mind to Work: the Life and Career Planning Guide for People Who Want Need to Work (iUniverse 2004)


(4) FROM THE PEN OF......... can solicit print publications and offer them excerpts of your book for reprint. When you offer to print an excerpt of a book in a newspaper or magazine before the book is in print, you are offering first serial rights. Note: if you are publishing with a traditional publisher, make sure you have the right to solicit reprints....Trade magazines and the smaller magazines that you don't find near the checkout counter at the grocery store are probably going to be more receptive to publishing an excerpt from a new author. This process takes time and patience and you may have to query 30 publications until you find one that sticks. Be persistent."

from Enterpreneur to Infopreneur (John Wiley & Sons, 2007) by Stephanie Chandler.



Travel author David Stanley is the 9,000th British Columbia author to be included in the online Author Bank for B.C. literature by BC BookWorld. It's a feature story in the Winter 2008-2009 issue of BC BookWorld:

Any published author living in British Columbia can obtain a free listing in BC BookWorld's Author Bank by filling in the author information submission form at

The Kindle Edition of Dehanna Bailee's multi-five star rated novel "True Nature" hit the Top 100 Bestsellers list in the Futuristic, Fantasy, and Ghost Romance category on 12/5/08 at #94. When it hit #38, it put her book on Hot New Release list at #61. "Not bad when you consider there's well over 700+ titles to choose from in this category alone - and over 10,000 for the Romance," she says. "Yep, puts me right up there with Christine Feehan, Brenda Joyce, and AnnaMarie McKenna - and it seems they're buying 'True Nature' along with titles by Nora Roberts, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Lora Leigh. What a fine bunch of company to be in : (doing a little happy dance :)."

Lori Leigh, author of On the Winds of Love - Laird of the Game (Vintage Romance Publishing 2005), was notified in November that she made the 2008 overall bestselling author for Vintage Romance Publishing.

Happy Holidays!!!


Francine Silverman, P.O. Box 1333, Riverdale, New York 10471, is author of:

BOOK MARKETING FROM A-Z (Infinity Publishing 2005) written by 325 paid subscribers to Book Promotion Newsletter.

Subscribers are entitled to a 20% discount on the book. Contact Fran at for code. The publisher's toll free number does not work outside the continental US and orders cannot be processed from its website for shipping outside the US.

Subscribers in foreign countries who wish to purchase the books with the discount may email Michelle at or fax an order (610/941-9959). She will provide confirmation that your order has been received and will be processed promptly. When using these options subscribers should put everything to Michelle's attention and reference the Promotional Code (contact Fran for code).

If emailing Michelle, DO NOT put your credit card number in any email correspondence as this is not secure.

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