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Screenwriting Advice Article!

You are the Box Office Smash: The Personal Screenplay
by Gordy Hoffman

Right this very second, in the heart of every struggling, undiscovered screenwriter, in the dark, hidden corner deep within, there is a voice, a clear whisper, saying one thing:

You're never gonna figure this out.

And this is not referring to the story with its gaping hole, the finale missing a payoff, the hit and miss humor, the flat title.

I'm talking about freedom. The freedom to work as a screenwriter. Compensation for a home for family and a life. The resources to wake up and ply your craft and pay the freight, without obstacle. The chance to see your writing made into pictures, to work with the industry's best, to fulfill this goal of professional screenwriter. Hollywood success.

Behind this voice is the idea that somehow, some way, you'll find the hero, or the hook, logline or pitch that will punch your golden ticket. If you could only figure out what the studio wants, if you can only get a solid bead to this game, you know you can write and execute. What is the script I should write to get an agent? What is the one that will sell? It's not that I don't know how to write, I know how to write screenplays, I just need to know what they want, even though I think I know what they want, but I don't think I have the idea that they want. Yeah.

I'm not gonna figure this out, whispers the voice.

Why this uneasiness? Does it originate within ourselves? I don't think so. But where does it come from? The daily obsession with box office grosses? The news of the seven figure deals to newbies? The endless procession of boneheadedly conceived franchises-in-waiting arriving in the theatres every Friday? People winning Academy Awards for movies you would not be caught dead writing? Recognizing an idea you came up with years ago on your couch, produced with a $130 million budget drowning in CGI?

All these things are but a few of the possible reasons why this seeds unhealthy doubt and confusion in the modern screenwriter. Tracking these forces outside us and beyond our control in an effort to trudge the path to a successful screenwriting career will prove to most to be unproductive and corrosive. Basically, trying to figure out what Hollywood wants will land us in a resentment that makes "giving up" a sane response to the very challenge which used to inspire us. In short, we cannot chase a perceived trend and remember our dreams.

You cannot look at the marketplace and find your voice. You can find ideas, trends, and inspiration there, perhaps, but you can find these things driving in traffic as well. But listening to your voice is the key to creating original, compelling stories.

Your life is your own story. You have a completely unique thread of experience. By allowing yourself to express these emotional experiences, your screenplay, your story, will be different from any other and powerful, as original as your fingerprint.

Why is it powerful? When we have the courage to be specific about what we know about living, we create an authentic world an audience recognizes as the life they are living on planet Earth. This connects your audience to your story. This connection is the foundation of the phenomena of story.

Why does story mean so much to us? We recognize the triumphs and tragedies of our lives, with all the hilarity and tears. By seeing it, we are validated and it underscores meaning and purpose to living.

If we don't use what we've collected in life in our hearts and spirits, then our story loses its authenticity and the connection the audience should make fails. They do not see themselves, and when they leave the theater, they do not call their friends. When people do not call their friends after seeing a movie, the movie bombs.

When a writer opens their person to their work, when they allow themselves to be vulnerable, to risk exposure of the secrets of their life story, they take a huge step towards creating a screenplay of substantial value, a screenplay with a greater potential of a large number of tickets sold.

This is precisely why art and commerce have remained bedfellows for thousands of years. To look at the relationship between art and commerce as adversarial or incompatible is just plain foolish. Art happens when people invest their spirits in their work without fear, and story is artful when the writing is truthful and the writer is authentic.

And what do we have to be honest about? We can only lie about what we know, and we can only tell the truth about what we know. And that is what has happened to us, our life story. This is what we share.

This is not a pitch to write "what you know." This is not about writing stories about where you work or where you live. This is about writing about what you felt. You can imagine characters and worlds and actions and speech you've never personally experienced, but if you remember to infuse your choices with your emotional and spiritual struggles and victories as a human being, your screenplay will be different in the very best sense of the word.

The question you have to answer is not what does Hollywood want today. The question is how honest of a writer do you want to be. I guarantee you can write a blockbuster, you can write a box office hit. This will happen when you find an audience. And the correct path to this crowd of people is listening to yourself. If you practice, you will develop an inner ear for who you are and what you know and you will become masterful in loading your work with your fingerprints. Writing is personal work. You are the guitar. You are the box of paint. Give of that and your audience will remember why life is good and they will talk of you.

About the Author
Winner of the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award at the Sundance Film Festival for LOVE LIZA, Gordy Hoffman has written and directed three digital shorts for Fox Searchlight. He made his feature directorial debut with his script, A COAT OF SNOW, which world premiered at the 2005 Locarno Intl Film Festival. A COAT OF SNOW made its North American Premiere at the Arclight in Hollywood, going on to screen at the Milan Film Festival and the historic George Eastman House. Recently, the movie won the 2006 Domani Vision Award at VisionFest, held at the Tribeca Cinemas in NY. A professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Gordy is the founder and judge of BlueCat Screenplay Competition. Dedicated to develop and celebrate the undiscovered screenwriter, BlueCat provides written script analysis on every script entered. In addition, Gordy acts as a script consultant for screenwriters, offering personalized feedback on their scripts through his consultation service, For more articles by Gordy on screenwriting, visit

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A new radio show devoted to book marketing made its debut on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 on Achieve Radio, noon to 1 p.m., MST. Host Francine Silverman will talk with authors, publishers and publicists, providing listeners with a unique perspective on book promotion.

To access Book Marketing with Fran, go to and click “Click to Listen” at top of page. Should you miss the show, click “Shows & Hosts” on the left and scroll down to Fran’s show and click, “More-Click Here” for the archives.

Patricia Fry, president of SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists, and Writers Network) and author of 24 books, will be Fran’s first guest. Patricia’s latest book is The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book (Matilija Press 2006), a comprehensive guide for hopeful and struggling authors.

Fran is author of Book Marketing from A-Z and editor publisher of Book Promotion Newsletter,

Issue 170: August 26, 2009

ISSN 1545-5599
Issue 170: August 26, 2009

Issued every other Wednesday since 2003

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I am happy to report that the lunch provided by the Stamford (Connecticut) Kiwanis Club was superb. They meet at a high-end nursing home and my veal was tender and delicious. The members were younger and more savvy than their counterparts in Trenton, N.J. and all in all it was very enjoyable talking to this group.

However, one enthusiastic member who had expressed an interest in joining my membership club never followed up. Also, I had the members put their business cards in a hat to pick for a prize (an ebook of their choice. I am preparing them under different categories, similar to those in my book, Talk Radio Wants You). The man who won was lively and chose "entertainment" because he was previously in show business. I spent the day working on the "Entertainment" listings and emailed it to him. Never heard from him. A week later I called and left a message that I just wanted to know if he received my email with the attachment. I know he was not away because the girl who answered the phone said she didn't know if he was at his desk. Never heard from him. Are these Rotarians and Kiwanians strange birds, or what?

Now I'm off to the Rotary Club in Madison, Conn. with better expectations, given that the president called me and sounded very excited about my appearance. That was a first.

Read some of the more harrowing speaking experiences under Feedback.

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Get More Publicity For Your Book and Business
by Fern Reiss, CEO,

Here, some seldom-considered tips on getting more publicity for your book and business, straight from the top journalists and literary agents who participated in our Expertizing Publicity Forum.

Be prepared for The New York Times
When a participant in the Expertizing Publicity Forum pitched the New York Times business columnist, the columnist was very interested in pursuing it as a feature story-until she went to the business's website, which was under construction. She notes that it's important for authors and business owners to be fully prepared before they send press releases or get in touch with journalists. This sounds obvious, but novices make this mistake all the time. "I think this business is a great idea, but I don't know that I'd want to pitch a national paper if your website isn't ready," she cautions. So be sure you have all your ducks lined up, before you pitch the nationals.
Share your personality with Inc Magazine.

One of the editors at Inc. Magazine stresses that you need to share anecdotes, stories, and colorful details to make an appealing pitch. She tells businesses that want to be in Inc. to forget the press release format, and send her a letter emphasizing the most unusual and dramatic parts of their journey. Most of all, she says, "Let your own voice and character shine through the pitch. A personality profile lies buried at the heart of many great business stories. Give me a sense of how you think about yourself and the world. Persuade me that you're someone Inc. readers will want to spend time with."

One of the Expertizing Publicity Forum participants followed this editor's advice-and landed a multi-page feature on her business in this important publication.

Provide details for Time Magazine
The most effective pitches, says a writer at Time Magazine, contain plenty of details. When Selena Cuffe, President of Heritage Link Brands, utilized the Expertizing Publicity Forum to pitch Time Magazine, she hit a home run - except that the writer needed many more details, and told Selena that her national business editors needed numbers, numbers, and more numbers - everything from details of revenue to how long they'd been in business.

Selena provided the details - and ended up with a feature on her business in Time Magazine.

Remind literary agents of your connection to your audience
Chioma Isiadinso, CEO of Expartus, a successful admissions consulting company, participated in the Expertizing Publicity Forum because she was hoping that a book on the topic might expand her platform, and broaden her business appeal. She connected with a literary agent through the forum, but the agent thought publishers would want to know how Expartus was set up to reach its readers, via email lists, speaking schedule, etc. "Publishers will want to know that the author has instant access to readership, with the savvy to secure that readership with or without the publisher's help."

Chioma added a section to her proposal - and with the agent's help, succeeded in selling her (unwritten) book, Brand Your Way to an MBA, to Sourcebooks, a major publisher. (You'll be able to find Chioma's book in bookstores next year.)

These are just a few of the journalists, editors, and literary agents you'll have the opportunity to pitch and learn from in the Expertizing Publicity Forum ( starting in January. Don't miss the opportunity to catapult your book and business to international media and publicity.

Fern Reiss is CEO of and and the author of The Publishing Game: Find an Agent in 30 Days, The Publishing Game: Bestseller in 30 Days, and The Publishing Game: Publish a Book in 30 Days as well as several other award-winning books. She also runs The Expertizing® Publicity Forum where you can pitch your book or business directly to journalists; more information at Sign up for her free monthly report on promoting your book and business at



Rick Frishman wants to remind his fellow subscribers that Author101University will be held in Las Vegas, Nev., Oct. 30-31, 2009. Check the website for all information:

Rick is president of Planned Television Arts.

Francoise Rhodes has received so many requests from authors to be on her show, Traveling with Francoise, on KPSI in Southern California, that she started a book store page at

"If you would like your book to be included I need a photo of the cover and a link where people can buy your commissions involved, only $50 a year," she says. Her email is

David Wolf, host of SmallBiz America Radio, is seeking authors who produce a digital product.

He says:
"I have created a JV with a major audio-book and e-book marketing company. This means we will begin recording and producing audio books for distribution via more than 21 digital channels including Time-Warner, iTunes, Amazon, Kindle, Sony and many others!

If you are an author or are working with any authors that have a following and who would like to read and record their manuscript, have my Company produce and distribute it per above, I am putting these deals together now.

I’m opening up 10 slots for the first round of production. And, we will also arrange to digitally publish and distribute an e-book (downloadable) via these channels as well."

David Wolf, Founder & CEO, Smallbiz America Network



I had asked for stories of disappointing talks and here is what I received:

from Michael Toebe - I'm sorry that your trip proved to be fruitless, that the Rotarians were not interested in radio. Funny you wrote this because I just listened to Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) who said he once took a flight to do a TV show where one guest ran long and he didn't get on the show or an offer to come back. The lesson he said is in life setbacks like that are "just part of the process."
Just make the best of them, find some silver lining and move forward towards your goals.

Michael answers dating and relationship questions at

From Feather Foster - You asked about unproductive talks. I am an expert. I can't tell you how many times I have driven 80 miles or so, and sold 1 or 2 books - to an audience of more than 50 people. There is no accounting for who buys what - or who wants to be a guest on your show. That is why I started charging for my talks. At least this way, I cover some costs...And don't figure to get good lunches. They are usually dreadful.

from Bobbi de Cordova Hanks - Talk about disappointing speaking engagements -- we went to speak in Plattsburg, New York. No one told us ahead of time that it would be outdoors under a tent. This is a horrible venue for speaking about surviving cancer. Every time I opened my mouth, bugs would fly into it and kids were running all over the stage. It was hot as heck and I doubt very many people were listening. Then I found out half the audience was French-speaking only. The only good thing was we still got paid.



Heidi Thomas presented this question and is hoping for direction:

My Western Historical novel, Cowgirl Dreams, has been published in the U.S,. and I understand that European readers love this genre. I don't know how to go about finding a foreign publisher to query. Can you or anyone help me? I've googled and sent some e-mails to various contacts but have not received replies.


(5) FROM THE PEN OF.................

Every day of the year is a special day, week or month saluating a person, event, cause or activity. February, for instance, is Black History Month, so publishers release books to take advantage of media interest. In addition to holidays like Christmas and seasonal interests like June weddings, and the start of baseball season, there are thousands of opportunities into which you can tie the promotion of your book.

from Guerrilla Marketing for Writers by Jay Conrad Levinson, Rick Frishman & Michael Larsen (Writers Digest Books 2001).

[Editor's Note: To find holidays and events for virtually every day of the year, go to Chase's Calendar of Events:]



These are spots I found for my clients:

Stacey Kannenberg was the guest of Dr. Laura Markham, host of AhaParenting on, on August 12, 2009.

Stacey is the co-author of the award winning and state approved Let's Get Ready series with Let's Get Ready For Kindergarten! and Let's Get Ready For First Grade! and Founder/CEO of two publishing companies:

Pamela Harper was the guest of Tom Cox, host of Tom on Leadership on on the subject of Habits of Leadership - Strategic Thinking and Planning on August 21, 2009, and will be the guest of Tarsha Polk, host of Lets Talk Success on on September 12, 2009.

Pamela is president of Business Advancement, Inc. and author of Preventing Strategic Gridlock: Leading Over, Under & Around Organizational Jams to Achieve High Performance Results (Cameo Publications 2003).

Both Debra Clement and Michele Avanti will be guests of Bryan D. Ouellette - Debra on Sept. 2, 2009 on Ordinary People,, and Michele on Sept. 9, 2009 on Eye of the Seer,

Debra is host of Anchored in Astrology

Michele is author of GreeHee The Journey of Five (GreeHee Publishing 2006).

Lillian Bjorseth was the guest of Ray Hanania on RadioChicagoland on Aug. 25, 2009.

Lillian's book, Breakthrough Networking, is now in its third edition (Duoforce Enterprises 2009).

Mike Beitler was a guest on The Richard Dixon Show, syndicated nationally through the Genesis Communications
Network, on August 14, 2009.

Mike is a leading spokesman for libertarianism and host of “Free Markets With Dr. Mike Beitler,” on the VoiceAmerica Business Network and author of Rational Individualism: A Moral Argument for Limited Government & Capitalism (Practitioner Press International 2008). The Libertarian Party of North Carolina has asked Michael to be its 2010 U.S. Senate Candidate. "Richard and his producer, Mindy, want to have me back again after my official U.S. Senate campaign announcement," says Mike.


Francine Silverman, P.O. Box 1333, Riverdale, New York 10471, is author of:

TALK RADIO WANTS YOU: AN INTIMATE GUIDE TO 700 SHOWS AND HOW TO GET INVITED (McFarland & Co. 2009). The $75 reference book is available from author at $67.50,


BOOK MARKETING FROM A-Z (Infinity Publishing 2005) written by 325 paid subscribers to Book Promotion Newsletter.

Subscribers are entitled to a 20% discount on the book. Contact Fran at for code. The publisher's toll free number does not work outside the continental US and orders cannot be processed from its website for shipping outside the US.

Subscribers in foreign countries who wish to purchase the books with the discount may email Michelle at or fax an order (610/941-9959). She will provide confirmation that your order has been received and will be processed promptly. When using these options subscribers should put everything to Michelle's attention and reference the Promotional Code (contact Fran for code).

If emailing Michelle, DO NOT put your credit card number in any email correspondence as this is not secure.

Issue 169: August 12, 2009

ISSN 1545-5599
Issue 169: August 12, 2009

Issued every other Wednesday since 2003

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ - Your partner in publishing since 1985 - Your economical path to publicity and more. - Connecting authors and illustrators to schools. - Where the writers & illustrators of tomorrow get published today.

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I drove 84.3 miles to Trenton, NJ to speak to the Rotary Club about talk radio and had a rubber chicken lunch. While everyone was very welcoming, when I asked after the beginning of my talk who would like to be a radio guest, nary a hand went up. I knew I was in trouble. Hopefully, the next (Kiwanis) lunch in Stamford, Conn. (today) will be edible and the audience more receptive to my talk.

Have any of you had disappointing experiences while speaking publicly? I would love to hear your stories.

In This Issue:

(1) Feature Article
(2) Grist for Your Mill
(3) Persistence
(4) Surprises
(5) A Good Question
(6) Progress Report


Book Promotion Activities
How Many Should You Do?

By Patricia Fry

Have you ever stopped to count the different methods you use for promoting your book? What number do you think is adequate? A dozen? Twenty-five? One hundred?

If you are selling thousands of copies each month through just one promotional activity which you repeat over and over and over again, and you are happy with that result, then, for you, one may be enough. And if you are pursuing dozens of promotional ideas and selling only a book here and there; now and then, perhaps, it isn't the number of activities you're engaged in that is important. Maybe this is the wrong sort of promotion for your particular book or you aren't going about the activity in a way that will complement your book sales.

Every year, I meet authors at both ends and all throughout the middle of this spectrum. The thing is, we each have comfort levels when it comes to book promotion. Some of us love to get out and talk to people-give presentations, set up booths at public events, do radio interviews, network in large groups and even sell our books door-to-door at households and businesses, for example. Others prefer staying in the background while spreading the word about their books via press releases, articles and through online forums. And then there are the creative types who run contests in order to get their books noticed, start complex projects to bring attention to their books, create games and puzzles for potential customers and/or build elaborate, interactive websites for promoting their books.

Do you see yourself somewhere among these authors? Where do you fit in when it comes to promoting your book? And what are the results? Are you selling enough books to suit you? Would you like to be selling more? And here's the hard question, what are you willing to do in order to increase your book sales? Hopefully, you are aware that if you are not selling the number of books you dream of, it is not the fault of your "self-publishing" company, your traditional royalty publisher, the guy you hired to do the cover design, the bookstore manager in town, the magazine editor who won't review your book, the website owner who won't post your book or your cat, who strategically placed an ooey gooey furball on a book you left out on the coffee table overnight.

Then who can you blame? Don't blame anyone-just get out there and start putting forth more effort in the right direction. Here are a few low and no cost ideas for you to consider. I suggest that you choose those that would put your book before your target audience. This may seem elementary, but it is something we need to consider. We are inclined to stay within our comfort zones for the sake of-well, our comfort. So it's easy to say, for example, "I'll email all of my friends and pitch my book on how to prepare to earn a degree in psychology," when your audience is actually people you don't know-people who are considering a career in psychology. If you're not marketing to your audience, you might as well not market at all. Here are some ideas to help you jumpstart your book sales:

· Set up your own blog site related to the topic or genre of your book and post often.

· Ask to be interviewed or to be a guest blogger at popular blog sites related to your topic. Locate blogs on your topic by signing up for Google Alerts. You will receive daily announcements about blog posts on the topic of your book.

· Do home parties. Either give demonstrations related to your book topic or speak about your nonfiction topic. Here are a couple of creative ideas: Provide costumes and props and engage guests in acting out a scene from your novel. Create a lovely, peaceful, relaxing atmosphere using soft music and candles and then read passages from your book or poetry. You could even combine this activity with a spa treatment for guests.

· If your book is nonfiction, build a website full of resources related to the theme of your book to attract your target audience.

· We're entering book festival season-find some close to your home or where you will be vacationing this year, and sign up for booth space. Locate book festivals and book fairs at: or Or do a Google search for book festivals in your area. Type in keywords, "book festival" or "book fair" and your city name.

· When was the last time your book was publicly reviewed? Are you aware that many magazine and newsletter editors - even some in your topic/genre - publish book reviews? While some of them publish reviews sent in by outside reviewers, others do the book review themselves. According to the Magazine Publishers of America, there are around 20,000 consumer and trade magazines being published in the US and Canada as we speak. Over 400 of them relate to health and fitness, 15 on oceanography, 73 featuring photography, 13 about cats, over 150 on advertising and marketing and 166 related to and for children, for example. Add to this, the fact that there are nearly 10,000 newsletters being published on every topic and you can quickly see the possibilities of having your book reviewed over and over and over again. Use Writer's Market, Literary Marketplace,, and/or spend time at your local mega-bookstore searching for
appropriate magazines.

Promoting a book is probably one of the hardest things you will ever attempt. So take it seriously and make it fun.

Patricia Fry is a full-time freelance writer, editorial and publishing consultant and the author of 29 books, including "The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book," and "Over 75 Good Ideas for Promoting Your Book." Visit her informative blog often:



April Robins is inviting you to join FaceBook group Red River Writers and signup for the Blog Talk Radio shows. "We have 11 different shows for different genres," she says. "How to signup is listed on the groups page with links..

"Personally I am going to do a Holiday promo for children's and young adult authors on Monday, Nov 30 at 3 pm Central at my new Robin Fall Kids - Chirp with April Robins BTR show. Each author will be given up to 5 minutes to read from their book. There will be no questions at this show, just a chance for viewers to listen before they buy. Believe me this approach works because the author can bring the book to life."
The FB group is 2500 members strong and growing. FaceBook is fun and free.


Marita Meegan submitted the following free offering:

"Seeking to feature authors on website Use this opportunity to promote your new book, for brand recognition, or to reach more potential readers etc. Interview questions will be sent via email and can be modified to fit your needs. Interviews will be syndicated via RSS and via Twitter. Please email me if you have any questions, at"

I took advantage of her offer and, voila, my interview is already up:

Gloria Taylor Edwards hosts two shows. The Voices from the Drum Radio Book Club interviews authors across the publishing industry. For potential guest requests, particulars should be sent to this address for screening: The radio show broadcasts live and over the Internet, every Wednesday from 6 - 7 pm Eastern Time; however, the Book Club is featured once a month.

Her assistant will screen the emails for topic/show suggestions; then they're passed along to Gloria. "However, my assistant works part-time, so sometimes it can take a few days for a response," she says. "But I do my best to make sure we respond in a timely manner."

She also hosts Speaking from the Heart on WCLM 1450/AM Radio, Richmond, Va., an issue-driven show.

"Example: today's show is on Celebrities and Role Models. To acquaint yourself with her general format, click this link:

Lorraine Cohen is offering a new FREE report: Using Radio & Teleseminars Guest Interviews - Are They Worthwhile?

This free report will give you some tips she's learned over the years as both a popular interviewer and guest that has helped her to secure
numerous bookings as a guest on radio and teleseminars, summits, and public speaking engagements as an expert in my field. You'll also
learn how to leverage interviews to reach people who need what you have to share!

When you register for your copy, you'll be invited to a special teleseminar I'm hosting on September 1, absolutely FREE. You must get
the report to attend the teleseminar. Even if you can't make the teleseminar it will be recorded. Everyone who is registered will receive the recording.

Get your copy:

Irene Watson of Reader Views advised me that there is a $125 charge for an interview on Inside Scoop Live on Blog Talk Radio. I told her none of my clients would pay that fee but she kept writing, insisting that it's just my assumption. So I said I'd put the info in the newsletter.

"Many authors that do pay realize the value of what they get," she says. "Yes, there are many free interviews on the net but we don't compete with them at all. We provide more than what the freebee ones do...and much better quality. One great feature we have is the interviews are pre-recorded and engineered which makes them much more professional than those that are live," she says. "Many of the authors we interview use their interview for publicity purposes with success."

Check out the submission guidelines page:

Irene also has a new site for authors to get reviews for their books:



...Once the book was printed and in my hand, the first three times I set out to approach my local Borders store to try to set up a book signing, I sat in the parking lot and battled the inner voices that wanted me to give up right there. They won twice. I won the third time. After a period of waiting, following up, walking in unexpectedly to talk with the manager about his decision to do or not to do the signing, and just being very politely persistent, he and I decided that because I was a teacher, we'd schedule the signing on the first Saturday during Teacher Appreciation Week. I put announcements in the school paper, on the daily PA announcements, and stuffed a flyer provided by the Borders in every teacher and staff mailbox in the district. I contacted the local journalist who covered school news and a feature article appeared in the paper the week before the signing. My students came, my colleagues came, my friends and family came, and the local papers took photos and
did a follow-up article. We sold eighty books in three hours. Eighty. The average is ten. It was a superb success, and I was able to do signings there and at other Border stores in the area every month over a period of two years...

from Calling All Authors (Nightengale Press 2007) by Valerie Connelly



Frankie Picasso remembers reading about in this newsletter. (She has a better memory than I do!).

She reports: My BLURB was accepted and they are airing my Book Review tonight [August 5, 2009] at 9:00 pm on the Sally Shields Show Blurb.
Frankie explains: Authors send them an audio file BLURB- 3 min. in length. Each author has a mere three minutes to convince the hosts that theirs is the book worth cracking. If they succeed, they capture the coveted Book of the Week title. That means Sally and Dr. Kent post the winning work prominently on the Blurb! website – and invite its author(s) on their show for a live pitch to thousands of listeners.
I was surprised that I was on. I sent it to them in May I"

[On August 10, 2009, Frankie reported that she won the Blurb of the Week contest!]

Frankie is author of Midlife Mojo: How to get through the midlife crisis and emerge as your true self (iUniverse 2008).

Sometimes the niche for your book doesn't come to you until after it's published. It happened to me. I thought Talk Radio Wants You would be snapped up by book publicists, but I'm finding that radio hosts are my major market. Jerome was surprised by the major audience for his book.

Jerome R. Mahoney is author of Jake's Run (VirtualBookWorm 2006), which has a rural setting. "Many urban/suburban people enjoy the book...he says, "but people who have lived for any length of time in a rural setting tend to be enthusiastic about the book. A city person might say, 'I liked you book. It was funny.' A rural resident might say, 'I like your book'. And then they tell me a story about some uncle or some incident in the past that it reminded them of. I don't know how many older people have said it reminded them of growing up on the farm. In conclusion I consider my promotional goals are to get the attention of rural readers and to guide them somehow to my website."



Peter Bowerman is seeking a publisher for a friend of a friend. Peter explains:

American author who's been exceptionally successful overseas is looking for an American publisher. He's written two books, the most recent one is on fire in Europe. It was the number one best-selling book in all of Germany a few weeks ago and at last check, was #34 in the whole country. It is being picked up in Spain and now South America. He's sold roughly 35,000 copies thus far, mainly by word-of-mouth. He is being compared to the Depak Chopra and other authors on that level. His name is Frank Kinslow, book is "The Secret of Instant Healing," and his web site is Contact him directly at



These are the spots I found for my clients:

Betty Jo Tucker will be the guest of Kris Rommel, host of Derby City Film Chat on Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2009 at 9:15 p.m. (ET)

Betty Jo's movie-related books include Confessions of a Movie Addict, and Susan Sarandon: A True Maverick (Hats Off Books 2004) and she is host of Movie Addict Headquarters at

Barbara Techel was the guest of Jeff Marginean, host of My Buddy Butch on Thursday, July 30, 2009.

Barbara is author of Frankie, The Walk'N Roll Dog ((Joyful Paw Prints 2008).

Lorraine Edey and Joyce Faulkner were, and Druzelle Cederquist will be in the fall, guests of Anjuelle Floyd, host of Book Talk, Creativity and Family Matters

Lorraine is co-author of Wake Up Women Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy (Global Partnership 2008).

Joyce is author of Losing Patience (2004), a collection of philosophical short stories, and a novel about the Battle of Iwo Jima, In the Shadow of Suribachi (2005), and co-author of a non-fiction book, The Complete Writer: A Guide to Tapping Your Full Potential (2005), all published by Red Engine Press.

Druzelle is a poet and author of The Story of Baha'u'llah: Promised One of All Religions (Bahai' Publishing 2005).

Anjuelle Floyd was the guest of Sharon Saylor, host of Beyond Lip Service.

Anjuelle, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, also received a contract to be an expert by Ilene Dillon, also a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, introduced me to the site and I sent the link to a few relationship and self-help authors. I later learned that the site only accepts licensed therapists.

Dr. Michael Beitler will be the guest of Diane Student on Freedom's Wings Show, on Blog Talk Radio, on August 27, 2009.

Mike is host of Free Markets with Dr. Mike Beitler on the VoiceAmerica Business Network. A Libertarian, he was asked by the Libertarian Party of North Carolina to be its 2010 U.S. Senate candidate.

Debra Clement was the guest of Astrid Stomberg, host of Brilliant Essence on Thursday, August 6, 2009.

Debra is host of Anchored in Astrology on Contact Talk Radio.


Francine Silverman, P.O. Box 1333, Riverdale, New York 10471, is author of:

TALK RADIO WANTS YOU: AN INTIMATE GUIDE TO 700 SHOWS AND HOW TO GET INVITED (McFarland & Co. 2009). The $75 reference book is available from author at $67.50,


BOOK MARKETING FROM A-Z (Infinity Publishing 2005) written by 325 paid subscribers to Book Promotion Newsletter.

Subscribers are entitled to a 20% discount on the book. Contact Fran at for code. The publisher's toll free number does not work outside the continental US and orders cannot be processed from its website for shipping outside the US.

Subscribers in foreign countries who wish to purchase the books with the discount may email Michelle at or fax an order (610/941-9959). She will provide confirmation that your order has been received and will be processed promptly. When using these options subscribers should put everything to Michelle's attention and reference the Promotional Code (contact Fran for code).

If emailing Michelle, DO NOT put your credit card number in any email correspondence as this is not secure.

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